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My name is Jonathan Moore.  Welcome to my new website!  I specialize in sports, events, portrait and wedding photography.   Please take a look through the galleries below.  Thank you!

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Beth & Nick

"What you get from Jonathan will be truly special. He will get those moments you want to remember. When I was reviewing his portfolio online, some of the photos actually brought tears to my eyes. All of the brides looked so beautiful because of the happiness and love he captured in their expressions, their body language, etc."


"He is so polite and well mannered, nothing seemed to jostle him. It only took seconds to set up the portrait shots. We didn't want anything to look overly posed where people were being forced to smile, so he kept it light and fast, the shots turned out exactly how we wanted."

Meishya & Brandon

"As for Jonathan himself, he is very professional, prompt and responsive, and always fully prepared. I was especially impressed when, for our Beloved session, I had listed in an email a few locations in downtown LA that I was interested in for the session. When my husband and I showed up, Jonathan had already scouted every spot and knew exactly where we needed to go."

Kaitlyn & Sam

"I also loved the concept and outcome of his Beloved session. Those photo's not only look amazing but they hold a place in my heart because of the true emotion behind it. They are better than any staged photo could ever look!"

Lauren & Ramon

"Jonathan did an incredible job capturing our wedding. He completely listened to the type of photos my husband and I wanted - we were absolutely thrilled with the results. He captured each special moment and each photo encapsulated the emotions that ran throughout the wedding."

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